Android users can troubleshoot compatibility issues with UCONN-SECURE.

Android 11 is incompatible with UCONN-SECURE and EduRoam. The higher standard of security on Android 11 does not allow the device to authenticate and function on UCONN-SECURE or EduRoam.

This issue does not seem to affect all Android devices, but if you are unable to connect with UCONN-SECURE, use UCONN-GUEST.

This is a temporary workaround. Those who can authenticate successfully to UCONN-SECURE should use it. ITS is updating wireless at the University, which will remediate the issue and bring additional benefits to our community.

Please note that by using UCONN-GUEST,

  • You may have to accept the disclaimer page daily.
  • Your devices will not be able to reach internal resources with 10.X.X.X addresses but should be able to reach those with 137.X.X.X addresses.