ITS has changed the wireless service in UConn residence halls to improve coverage and performance. All buildings, with the exception of Werth Tower, Mansfield Apartments, and Northwood Apartments, have new equipment installed. This article provides more information about how to connect to the wired network.

New Wireless Access Points

To improve the performance of wireless service, ITS has installed new wireless access points in rooms in the University's residence halls. Depending on the cabling infrastructure and the configuration of the rooms, this new equipment is installed in every room or every other room over an existing jack. Each new wireless access point looks like a small, white box, as shown in the image below. It has been installed over the existing jack.

If your room has a new access point installed, the ports on the old jack may be blocked. This signals that the jack is no longer in use.

wireless access point

For the best wireless performance, do not obstruct the access point; do not put any belongings or furniture in front of it or do anything that might damage it.

Plugging in for Wired Service

To access the wired service, you need to plug an Ethernet cable into the port on the new wireless access point and into the port on your device. The port on the new access point is located along the bottom (shown below).

Plugging ethernet cable into access point

For residents of Werth Tower, Mansfield Apartments, and Northwood Apartments, you can connect to the wired network by plugging one end of your Ethernet cable into the wall jack and the other end into the Ethernet port on your computer.

ITS has installed access points in every other room in the North Campus complex. If you are in a room that does not have the new wireless access point, you should plug your Ethernet cable into the wall jack.

For more information or assistance, contact the Technology Support Center at (860), or chat on the Technology Support Center website.