Faculty and stuff must meet certain criteria in order to obtain a communication device provided by ITS Cellular Services. 

Minimum Criteria Requirements

The individual should meet at least 3 of these requirements:

  • At least 50% of your normal work schedule should be engaged in business-related travel, or you should be designated as an emergency or critical contact for the department.
  • You are designated as a first responder or a critical employee.
  • You are required to be accessible outside of scheduled or normal business hours.
  • You are required to have frequent access with the public, faculty, staff, or students.
  • Your position requires that you perform business in the field which prohibits you from having access to a landline.
  • Your position requires that you have immediate wireless access to a phone, email, or the internet at all times.

Request Cellular Service

You will need a KFS number and approval from your department head before you can request a cellular device. Once you have this information and approval, complete the Cellular Request Form.