Cisco Contact Center Express (CCX) is VoIP-enabled technology that offers a combination of contact management, call routing, and network/desktop integration that facilitates operations of a call center, even when staff are working remotely.

This service offering is now officially available for University departments on VoIP; those interested should contact The first step is to discuss the factors involved, including cost and timeline.

CCX provides a customized call flow to better manage traffic and serve customers. When a department or office has more incoming calls than people available to answer those calls, CCX manages those "overflow" calls by placing them into a queue. As agents become available, they move up in the line. To design the call flow, ITS meets with the department before programming to their specifications.

Once created, CCX for the department will have agents and supervisors. Both agents and supervisors log into a browser-based application known as Finesse. When they are logged in and in a ready state, they are available to accept phone calls. Supervisors will be able to see how many calls are in queue so they can have other agents log in and accept calls if needed to help with peak times.

Supervisors have access to a suite of reports that will show data about their department’s performance (e.g., how many calls are in the queue at busy times, how many calls are missed). The reports also provide call handling information about each agent, such as the number of calls handled, the amount of time spent on calls, and the amount of time available to answer calls. These reports can be a great aid in determining proper staffing levels.