Finesse is used by faculty, staff, and student employees to access their UConn desk from their computer.

When using Finesse with Jabber remotely, you MUST be connected to Pulse Secure VPN and use the Firefox browser.

  1. Ensure that you have a working microphone and speaker combination. A headset fulfills this requirement.

    Be cautious while typing and using a built-in microphone. The built-in keyboard will be picked up very well through the microphone.
  2. Navigate to
  3. To log in, enter your NetID, NetID password, and the agent extension number that was provided to you.

    The extension number must begin with +1 (ex. +1 (860) 427-6600).

  4. You may see a series of prompts to accept the certificates; click Okay. This only needs to be done once per computer. 

  5. You will now see your Home Page.
    home page
  6. The status is at the top of the page. When you first sign in, it will say Not Ready. Click on the caret that sits to the right of your status to change your status.
  7. Set your status to Ready when you are ready to receive phone calls.
    ready status

    If you are going to stop taking calls, mark yourself Not Ready. If your line rings and you do not answer the call, Finesse automatically marks you Not Ready. You will need to make yourself Ready again to begin taking calls again.

  8. When you receive a call, you can answer it using your phone if you are at your desk, or you can use the Answer button in the upper right corner of the Finesse application.
  9. While on a call, the Finesse window displays options for you to use.

    1. The caller ID of the person you are speaking with will appear.

    2. The Keypad button allows you to perform phone functions from your computer.

    3. The Hold button allows you to put calls on hold from the computer.

    4. The Consult button puts the current call on hold and gives you a contact list and keypad for dialing another person for help.

    5. The Direct Transfer button gives you the keypad so you can dial another number. Click the Transfer button to send the call to another person.

  10. When you are done, remember to log out of Finesse. Click Sign Out in the uppermost right corner and pick the Sign Out reason.

    In order to sign out of Finesse, you must first mark yourself Not Ready.

My History

Within Finesse, you may view your own call and state history. Click My History in the left-hand menu to see your history.

my history

My Statistics

The My Statistics tab shows your statistics for the day.

my statistics