By adding Cisco Jabber to your computer, you will be able to place and receive calls through your computer using your preferred headset or microphone/speaker combination. This visual representation of your phone and voicemail makes placing calls, returning calls, and checking your voicemail very simple whether you are at or away from your desk.

At UConn, Cisco Jabber will only work for full-time and student employees who have been migrated to Cisco VoIP and are provisioned for the functionality on Cisco call center.

Installation Instructions

Using Jabber

To use Jabber on your computer, a microphone and speakers are required. A headset or a webcam can fulfill this requirement. 

Once you have installed Cisco Jabber on your computer following the instructions linked above, you are ready to make and receive phone calls.

Answering Calls

When you receive a call, your computer will sound a ringtone as if it were a phone. There will also be a visual notification in the bottom corner of your screen.

If it is a call from someone in your address book, you will see their information:

If it is a call from an unknown number, you will see the caller's number:

You now have the option of answering the call, or declining it.