As a faculty, staff, or student, you can access computers that you use within your local computer network remotely using the Remote Desktop technology built into computer and/or server operating systems. These instructions will guide you through accessing your remote desktop securely from outside of the UConn network without connecting to the ITS VPN.


You can only connect to your computer remotely if it is running a version of Windows 7 and Windows 10 that supports Remote Desktop.

In order to connect to your computer remotely, you must use the Remote Desktop Connection client that is included in Windows. This can be found via the search function in the start menu. All versions of Windows 7 and higher include this client; however, you should update your computer to ensure you have the latest available version of this client to take full advantage of new features.

Important Reminders 

The computer that you want to connect to remotely MUST:

  • Remain on
  • Cannot go into hibernation or sleep mode

Set-up Guides