Faculty, staff, and students can schedule time to access a Windows lab computer remotely. This service enables you to access software available only on Windows lab computers.

Reserving Time on a Lab Computer

To reserve time on a lab computer,

  1. Navigate to the request form.
  2. Select the drop-down with the desired time block. 
    screenshot for Remote Lab Request Form
    • Block 1: The current block will give you immediate access to a computer, but is reset at 6 PM EST/EDT.
    • Block 2: The next block will give you a complete 12-hour reservation, but you will need to wait until 6 PM EST/EDT to use it.

      You may only have 1 active request at a time, regardless of which block you take.

  3. If you have successfully gotten a machine, you should see the following message display:
    Success message.
  4. You can then download the .rdp file to you computer.
    1. If you are on Mac OSX, install Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from the App Store.
      1.  Alternatively, you can click this link to immediately download Microsoft Remote.
    2. If you are on Android, install Microsoft Remote Desktop from this link.
  5. Wait until the listed time.
  6. Open the file.
  7. Login with your NetID and password. 

Available Software:


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Acrobat Reader

ArcGIS Pro

Citrix Workspace App



Google Chrome

IBM SPSS Amos 26

IBM SPSS Statistics 26

Logitech Presentations



Minitab 19


Mozilla Firefox

Notepadd ++

Office 2019 Professional




Stata 16

Tableau Desktop Public


Visual Studio Community

VLC Media Player

Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud

Currently, the only available way to access Adobe Creative Cloud without purchasing a license is by using a lab machine. In order to use Adobe CC, ITS recommends creating an Adobe account at https://account.adobe.com/. You may use either your university or personal account, as long as you remember the credentials. This will not be tied to your UConn accounts even if you use a UConn email.

Once you are remoted in to the machine,

  1. Open adobe Creative Cloud from applications
  2. Login with your Adobe account
  3. Open an Adobe application