As a faculty, staff, or student, you can access computers that you use within your local computer network remotely using the Remote Desktop technology built into computer and/or server operating systems. These instructions will guide you through accessing your remote desktop securely from outside of the UConn network.

VPN: Pulse Secure VPN is not necessary to use Remote Desktop provided you have properly configured using the remote gateway with the full computer name.

Important Reminders 

The computer that you want to connect to remotely MUST:

  • Remain on
  • Remain connected via hard-wired ethernet to the internet
  • Cannot go into hibernation or sleep mode

If you have been able to connect to a computer remotely, but have lost access, there is the unfortunate likelihood that the machine has disconnected and needs to be checked in-person.


For the purposes of these articles, remote machine will refer to the machine you are trying to connect to. This would typically be a desktop or otherwise off-site computer you do not have physical access to.

The local machine will refer to the machine you have physical access to. This would typically be a desktop at home, a laptop brought from work, or other mobile device.


  • If you are using a personal computer, this service is still possible and you may follow these guides as they are written. However, ITS cannot offer direct support for personal machines in the event of problems that may arise. Please also be aware of security recommendations and best practices for using a personal device for work.
  • Pulse Secure VPN / Direct Access are not necessary to use this service. If you are using a personal device, most likely you will not have either options. Simply follow the guides below, paying specific attention to setting up the remote gateway on your local machine.
  • If the remote machine is running OSX (Mac) or Linux, you will not be able to remotely connect using supported software unless you also have a corresponding Mac/Linux local machine.
    That means it is possible to connect to your work PC from a Mac at home, but it is not possible to connect to your work Mac from a PC at home. This can be resolved using third part software, such as TeamViewer. However, ITS does not support installation or troubleshooting of third party software.

Gaining Access:

If you are an admin on your own machine, as is standard for machines managed by ITS, you will not have issues remotely connecting. If you are not an admin, you should follow the articles as written, paying specific attention to the sections where you allow remote users to connect.

Configuration Table

Use the following table to quickly find the guides that best fit what you need.

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