Faculty and staff can set up their Home/Mobile Linux machine to remotely connect to Work/Office via Remote Desktop.

Setting Up the Remmina Remote Desktop

  • Officially Supported Client: Remmina
  • Compatibility: Tested on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora, but should be compatible with all Linux distros.
  • Remmina Installation Guide
For more information about Remmina, visit the Remmina website

Configuring the Remote Desktop

To create a new connection,

  1. Open Remmina.
  2. Click New, denoted by the icon in the top left corner of the page.
    Remmina new icon.
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. Use the settings shown below:
    • Quality: Best
    • Security: Negotiate
    • Gateway transport type: auto
    • RD Gateway Server: remote.uconn.edu
    • RD Gateway Username: Your NetID
    • RD Gateway Password: Your NetID Password
    • RD Gateway domain: UCONN
      Remote desktop preference screen.
  5. Go back to the Basic tab. Use the settings below:
    1. Name: Use a human-friendly name. This can be a label of your choice.
    2. Protocol: RDP
    3. Server: computername.grove.ad.uconn.edu. (Be sure you followed Setting up Remote Desktop on a Remote Computer)
    4. User name: Your NetID
    5. Password: Your NetID Password
    6. Domain: UCONN
      Remote desktop preferences screen.
  6. Click on Save and Connect.

ITS is turning on two-factor authentication (DUO) for the Remote Desktop service to enhance security. We will implement this change for ITS on Thursday, December 10 and for the rest of the University in 2021.

Alternative: Using the FreeRDP client

The FreeRDP client is an advanced, alternative option for experienced Linux users, and is not officially supported.

  • FreeRDP is not an officially supported client.
  • The FreeRDP client might perform better than Remmina for some Linux users.
  • Compatibility: Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 with X11, but should be compatible with all X11 or Wayland Linux distros.


FreeRDP can be installed using the package manager for most mainstream distros. Ubuntu users on X11 can install FreeRDP using the command:

sudo apt install freerdp2-x11 

 Users using Wayland should install 'freerdp2-wayland'.

For more information about FreeRDP, visit the FreeRDP repository on GitHub or visit the FreeRDP website.

Using the FreeRDP Remote Desktop client

FreeRDP is activated and configured from the command line. Use the following command to start the client, replacing the string COMPUTERNAME and the string NETID as appropriate. The command line will prompt you for your password.

xfreerdp /g:remote.uconn.edu /v:COMPUTERNAME.grove.ad.uconn.edu /gd:UCONN /u:NETID