Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) provides access to the Remote Desktop Service (RDS) and enables access to campus resources from off-campus or to restricted systems on campus.  All RDS clients should be configured to use RDG  to ensure proper access to University resources. 

To comply with security, policy, and industry requirements, RDG is protected with Duo 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).  Users accessing RDG will receive a push notification via the Duo App or a phone call after entering their username and password and pressing connect on their RDS client.  

Duo works differently on RDG:

  • You will not see a screen from Duo security that asks you to choose an authentication method. Instead, it will only interact with you via your personal device.
  • Because there is no screen, you cannot enter a code. You have to respond by accepting a push notification from the Duo mobile app or receiving a phone call.

If you do not have a mobile phone or a landline at the location where you work added to the UConn 2FA service, you need to make these updates.

Before you start using RDS, you should configure a remote desktop client to use the RDG. Once configured, your client will use the RDG when necessary.  If you are able to connect to your remote system without a Duo prompt, don't be concerned. This means other UConn security pathway were used to protect your session.

Update from 1/12/2021: CLAS users and others used to Remote Desktop straight in to their PC. Now they have to authenticate through the Remote Desktop Gateway and use DUO, so they may get prompted a second time to put in their NetID and Password. The second time the NetID login needs to be entered as uconn\NetID and then enter their NetID password, and then accept the DUO push or phone call.

For UCHC individuals: some do not have a DUO account in Storrs.  If they connect to a Storrs PC they will need to use Either VPN, or Anyware can be used to connect to a remote PC on the UConn Domain (Storrs Network).

If you have issues, need assistance, or want clarification with any of the above information please contact the UConn Technology Support Center.