Administrators can view and print an Advisees by Advisor report in the Student Administration System. 

To view and print an Advisees by Advisor report, 

  1. Log in to the Student Administration System. 
  2. Click the NavBar in the upper right-hand corner.
    NavBar icon
  3. Click the Navigator icon. 
    NavBar Menu
  4. Click the UC Student Records tab. 
    UC Student Records Tab
  5. Click the UC Manage Academic Records tab.
    UC Manage Academic Records tab
  6. Click the UC Manage Academic Reports tab. 
    UC Manage Academic Reports tab
  7. Click the Advisees by Advisor tab. 
    Advisees by Advisor tab

  8. If available, enter your ID in the Search By: field, on the Finding an Existing Value tab, then click Search.  
    Search By field

  9. If an ID is not available, leave the Search By: field blank, then click Search. This will generate a list of existing Run Control ID values to select from.

    If this is your first time running this report, a new Run Control ID may be necessary. Or if wish to create a new Run Control ID for any other reason, click the New Value tab.  Enter your ID in the Run Control ID field and then click Add. 

  10. In the Academic Advisor field, enter the appropriate Advisor ID.
    Academic Advisor field

  11. Click Run. 

    To select an ID from the Lookup List, click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the field.  On the Look Up Academic Advisor page, modify the selection from the Search by: dropdown, and then type respective criteria in the begins with field.  Click Look Up to view a filtered list of results based on the criteria entered. 

    look up academic advisor

    You may need to click View All for all IDs to appear.
  12. On the Process Scheduler Request page, in the Server Name field, select PRDPRC01.
    Server Name field

    By default, the fields Type = Web and Format = CSV. If you want the report output to be an Excel spreadsheet, then change Format to PDF.
    Type field and Format field
  13. Click OK.
  14. Click Report Manager to access the report list.
  15. Click Refresh until the report status is Posted.
  16. Toggle to the Administration tab and click Refresh.
    Administrator tab
  17. Click Go Back to Advisee Report to return to the Advisee Report page.