Administrators can view and print reports in the Student Administration System.  

Running Reports in the Student Administration System

To access a report, 

  1. Navigate to the report you wish to run.
  2. Click Search to view your existing Run Control IDs.
    1. From the list, select a Run Control ID.
    2. If the only one that appears in the list is your User ID in all capital letters, or you wish to create another Run Control ID, click Add a New Value.

      Run Control IDs are case sensitive and cannot contain spaces.
  3. Enter the criteria for this report.
  4. Click Run.
  5. From the Server Name, drop-down list choose PRDPRC01

  6. From the Type drop-down list, choose Web.
  7. From the Format drop-down list, choose PDF.
  8. Click OK.
  9. A unique Process Instance number will appear under Run.
  10. Click Report Manager to access the report list.
  11. Click Refresh until the report status is Posted.
  12. Click the name of the report to view and print it in Adobe Reader.
  13. Click the link that begins with “Go Back to” to return to the previous page.

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