If a student has shared access to their student record on the University’s Student Administration System (Student Admin) with you (the delegate), you must first create an account to view this information. Once a student has given you access, you will receive an automatically generated message from UConn_Delegation@uconn.edu with instructions on how to create your account.

If you have more than one student, each delegate is given a security key for each of their children.

If the Delegate has multiple children at UConn, they will only need to create the account once. The delegate will receive an email advising them to setup their account. They should do so before entering a second student security key. When the next student files for a delegate, the delegate will receive a second email with a link to accept the terms and conditions, as well as a security key (again, they should not set up a second account).

Creating a Delegate Account

Once the student has given you permission to view areas of the student record, you will receive an email from the address UConn_Delegation@uconn.edu. This email will include an Account Creation Link. 

To proceed with creating a delegate account, 

  1. Click on the link described above. 
    account creation link
  2. On the page that appears, enter a user ID, password, name, and email address in the appropriate fields. You should use the email address at which you received the email from UConn-Delegation@uconn.edu
    create your new account page
  3. Click Create Account.
  4. On the page that appears, mark the checkbox to certify that you have read and accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Enter the Security Key sent to you in the original email.
    security key
  6. Re-enter your email address.
  7. Select and answer a security question.
    • You should make note of the question and answer you select, as these items will be required to reset your password if you forget it or are otherwise unable to access your account. 
  8. Select Submit.
  9.  On the pop-up that appears, select OkYou now have access to the Student Admin system as a delegate and can view shared information.

Logging into the Student Administration System as a Delegate

The Delegate should log into the Student Administration system and click on the Delegate login button.  The Delegate will then be able to view the shared information for both children.

To log into the Student Administration as a delegate, 

  1. Navigate to the Student Administration login page. 
  2. Click the DELEGATE LOGIN button. 
  3. Enter your user ID and password.