Advisors can remove service indicators from student records in the Student Administration System.

To remove a service indicator, 

  1. Click the NavBar icon in the top right-hand corner. 
    NavBar icon
  2. Click the Navigator button from the menu. 
    NavBar Menu
  3. Click the Self Service tab. 
    Self Service tab
  4. Click the Advisor Center tab. 
    Advisor Center tab
  5. Click the My Advisees tab. The My Advisees page will display. 
    My Advisees tab
  6. Click the View Student Details link to see an advisee's Student Center.
    View Student Details
  7. From the Student Center, select the General Info tab to display the Service Indicators page.
    General Info tab
  8. Select the edit service indicators button. The Manage Service Indicators page will display.
    Edit Service Indicators
  9. Click the Service Indicator Code link. The Edit Service Indicators page will display.
    Service Indicator Code Link
  10. Click the Release button.
    release button
  11. Click the OK button to remove the Service Indicator.
    OK button

The page for the selected student will show that there are no Service Indicators.

no service indicators