Advisors can review a preliminary or final Plan of Study awaiting approval in the Student Administration System. 

Accessing and Reviewing Plans of Study

Advisors are notified via their UConn email when their advisee submits a Preliminary or a Final Plan of Study in the Student Administration System. Once you receive this message, 

Click the here link that will have been provided in the notification email. You will be brought to the Plan of Study Approval Search page. 
here link 

Alternatively, log in to the Student Administration System directly and then follow the steps below.  

  1. Click the NavBar icon in the top right-hand corner. 
    NavBar icon
  2. Click the Navigator button from the menu. 
    NavBar Menu
  3. Click the Self Service tab. 
    Self Service tab
  4. Click the Plan of Study Approval Search tab. 
    Plan of Study Approval Search tab

    Alternatively, you can also:
  5. The Plan of Study Approval Search page displays with the My Worklist checkbox selected as the default. There are several search options:
    Plan of Study Search Parameters
    1. Option 1: View the Plans of Study awaiting your approval
      1. Leave all search fields blank.
      2. Click the Search button.
        Click Search
      3. Review your Plan of Study Approvals search results, as needed.  
        Plan of Study Approvals Search Results
      4. Click the Details icon for any individual to see additional information.
        Details icon
      5. Review information such as Student Communication and Plan of Study Workflow., as desired.
        Student Communications and Plan of Study Workflow

    2. Option 2
      1. Deselect the My Worklist checkbox.
      2. Identify an Approval Status (Approved, Denied or Pending) from the drop-down.  
      3. Click Search.
        Search by Approval Status
      4. Use the search parameters to search by Academic Program, Major, Report Type (Final or Preliminary), Student ID and Submitted Within timeframe.
  6. The list will display, depending on the search criteria used above. To continue, click the Details icon to the right of a student's name. 
    Details icon

  7. On the Transaction Details page,
    1. Click the View Plan of Study link to view the plan the student has submitted.

      Plan of Study Link
    2. Read any student comments in the Student Communications section.
      Plan of Study Comments
  8. To approve the Plan of Study, click the Approve button. 
  9. The Approved status will display highlighted in green, and a green checkmark will display in the advisor frame. 
    Approved Status
  10. An email will immediately be generated to the next person in the indicated Path of Approval

  11. To disapprove, click the Deny button. When you click the Deny button, you will be required to enter comments.
    Denied Plan of Study
  12. Enter your comments in the Comments field. You can click the Share with Student checkbox if you wish for your comments to be viewed by the student when they access their Plan of Study status. 
    comments field and share with student checkbox
  13. Click the Unlock checkbox in the top right corner to enable a student to submit another Plan of Study.
    unlock checkbox
  14. Click the Notify Substitutions checkbox to indicate a substitution has been reviewed and ensures the request is routed through the dean's office.
    Notify Substitutions
  15. After making any changes, click the Save button before leaving the page.
  16. Review your advisee Plans of Study status from the My Advisees page: 
    1. Click the NavBar icon in the top right-hand corner. 
      NavBar icon
    2. Click the Navigator button from the menu. 
      NavBar Menu
    3. Click the Self Service tab. 
      Self Service tab
    4. Click the Advisor Center tab. 
      Advisor Center tab
    5. Click the My Advisees tab. 
      My Advisees tab
  17. From the My Advisees page, there are columns for Preliminary and Final Plan of Study. A green circle indicates the Plan of Study has been approved. A red circle indicates it has been denied. A half green circle indicates the approval process is pending
    POS Prelim and POS Final

If you have questions regarding the Plan of Study review process, contact either your departmental or deans Plan of Study administrator or the Degree Audit unit of the Storrs Registrar's Office at (860) 486-6214.