Instructors can download their class rosters as Excel documents in the Student Administration System. 

To download a class roster as an Excel document, 

  1. Log in to the Student Administration System.
  2. Click the NavBar icon in the top right-hand corner.

NavBar icon

3. Click the Navigator button from the menu. 

Navigator button

3. Click the Self Service tab. 

Self Service tab

4. Click the Faculty Center tab. 

5. Click the Class Roster tab. 

Class Roster tab

6.  If you selected a course previously, the Class Roster will display within the browser (The information displayed includes Student ID, Student Name, Grade Basis, Units, Program and Plan, Academic Level, Enrollment Status, NetID, Phone Number, and Email Address.)

7. Alternatively, repeat steps 1 - 4.

8. Click the Class Roster tab. 

Class Roster tab

9. The Faculty Schedule will display within the browser for the selected term.  

10. Click the class roster icon for the desired course. 

11.  The Class Roster will display within the browser. 

12. To download the roster, click the grid icon located to the right of Find. The roster will download as an Excel document. in Chrome. 

Select Grid

You must enable prompting for automatic downloads for this function to work properly.

13. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) and are unable to download the file, 

         a. Open the IE browser.

         b. Access the Tools menu.

         c. Select Internet Options.

         d. Select the Security tab.

         e. Click the Custom Level button.

         f. Scroll down to the Downloads link.

        g. Under Automatic prompting for file downloads, select Enable.

        h. Click OK.

         i. Click OK.

         j. Close your browser window. 

automatic prompting for file downloads

14. Click Open. Alternatively, you can save the file and open it at a later time, if desired.

open and save file
To download the Class Roster as an Excel document from Safari, 

15. If using the Safari browser. 

            a. Deselect Block Pop-up Windows

            b. Click the Download to Excel button.

            c. Close the blank window that opens. The Class Roster file will download as an excel document.

            d. Click Open. Alternatively, you can save the file and open it at a later time, if desired.

16. Upon clicking Open, the roster file will open in Excel.