To edit a Class Roster in Excel, 

  1. Open the Class Roster Excel file. For more information on how to do this, review the article Downloading Class Rosters as Excel Documents
  2. Insert two columns to the far left of the spreadsheet.
  3. Label the column's Term and Class Number.
  4. Enter the Term and Class Number in the first row only.
    term and class number
  5. Delete the Notify column.
    notify column
  6. To preserve the leading zeros in the ID column,
    1. Highlight the ID column and right-click on it.
    2. Select Format Cells. 
    3. On the Number tab, select Text. 
      number tab
    4. Click OK. 
    5. Insert a Grade column after the ID column.
    6. Enter letter grades for each student.
      example letter grades
    7. Delete all other columns. The remaining columns should be Term, Class Number, ID, and Grade. Any columns remaining to the right of the required four, will be ignored during upload, however, any additional columns must not contain any commas in the header or row. For example, if you include a column containing last and first names separated by commas, the file will result in an error during the upload process.

    8. Save the file with a name and in a location you will remember. In the Save as type field, scroll down to select CSV(Comma delimited).
      save as type field


If using a MAC:

  1. Navigate to File.
  2. Select Save As, 
  3. Click on CSV(Windows) in the format field.

11. If you receive a message indicating the file may contain features that are not compatible with CSV, click Yes. 

file may contain features that are not compatible with CSV message

12. Make note of the name and location of the saved CSV file.