Instructors are required to enter final grades for each of their students at the end of each term. Instructors can record final grades in the Student Administration System.

For more information on uploading grades to the Student Administration System using a CSV file, see Uploading Grades with a CSV File

For more information on importing final grades from HuskyCT using Grades Journey, see Sending Grades from HuskyCT to Student Admin (PeopleSoft)

  1. Log in to the Student Administration System.
  2. Click the NavBar icon in the top right-hand corner. 
    navbar icon
  3. Click the Navigator button from the menu. 
    navigator button
  4. Click the Self Service tab. 
    Self Service tab
  5. Click the Faculty Center tab. 
    faculty center tab
  6. Click the My Schedule tab.  
    My Schedule tab
  7. Select the Grade Roster icon to the left of the class for which you want to upload grades. The Grade Roster page will then display within the browser.
    Grade Roster Icon
  8. Navigate to the Display Options section on the page. 
  9. Confirm Final Grade is reflected in the Grade Roster Type field.
    Final Grade Dropdown
  10. Navigate to the Student Grade section. 
  11. Select grades for the student(s) from the Roster Grade dropdown menu. 
    select grades from dropdown menu
  12. Click Save.
  13. After all the grades have been populated and saved, change the Approval Status at the top of the page to Approved on each roster.
    Approval Status - Approved
  14. A confirmation screen will display. Click OK.

The Final Grades will then be saved. The Registrar’s office will post the grades, at which point the students may view them online. 

Additional Final Grade Information


Grades are due 72 hours after the scheduled final exam. Grades turned in after this point profoundly affect graduation, probation and dismissal, Dean's List, financial aid eligibility, etc.

Special Grades

Most courses at the University are graded A – F. The University leaves it to the instructor’s discretion how numerical grades equate to letter grades. However, there are some cases in which a special grade is given instead. Below are some examples.

  • I (Incomplete)Report an if you decide, due to unusual circumstances, that the student cannot complete the course assignments.
  • X (Absent from the Final Exam): Report an X when the student missed the final exam but is otherwise passing the course.
  • N (No Grade): Report an N when the student has been registered but is not present in the class, which usually indicates a registration problem.
  • Pass/Fail: Report the earned letter grade; the system will convert the grade to P or F.
  • AuditEnter a grade of AU.
  • S/U: Some courses are graded S(satisfactory) or U(unsatisfactory) and will not accept an A - F letter grade.
  • W: Indicates an administrative drop.