Students can view their course shopping carts in the Student Administration System. 

To view the shopping cart, 

  1. Click the Manage Classes tile on the Homepage.

2. Click the Shopping Cart tab within the listing on the far left of the page.

Shopping Cart

3. Your Shopping Cart will display within the browser.

Shopping Cart Sample 1

4. Click the Change Preferences link. 

Change Preferences

5. Select your preference for Waitlist and/or Permission Number

6. Click the Save button. 

7. Click the Checkboxes for the Closed courses. 

8. Click the Delete button. 

Shopping Cart Sample 2

9. Click the Yes button. 

Yes button

10. Click the Checkbox for the Open course. 

11. Click the Enroll button. 

Shopping Cart Sample 3

12. Click the Yes button. 

Yes button