To properly enroll in courses, students must add each class they intend to take to their schedule via the Student Administration System. 

Adding a Course to Your Schedule

To add a course to your schedule, 

  1. Log in to your Student Administration account. The Student Administration System will then open to the Student Homepage. 
  2. Click on the Manage Classes tile. 
    Manage Classes Tile
  3. Click the Class Search and Enroll tab.  
    Class Search and Enroll tab
  4. Click to select an enrollment term.  The enrollment term will display in the top left-hand corner of the screen.  
    Enrollment Terms

  5. Enter keywords (e.g., course, subject, class, topic, etc.) in the Search for Classes field and then click the double arrows (>>) to search. 
    Search for Classes
  6. Alternately, you can click the Additional ways to search link below the Search For Classes field. 
    Additional Ways to Search link
    1. Enter an Available Subject or click the dropdown to see a list of available subject options.

      Available Subjects Field
    2. As desired, enter the Catalog Number and/or the Instructor's Last Name.
      Catalog Number and Instructor Last Name fields   

    3. Click Search. 
  7. For this scenario, click within the Search For Classes field and type MUS
  8. Click enter on your device.

  9. The search result will display within the browser.
  10. Click within the box (not the hyperlink) for the desired course from your search results.
  11. The Class Selection(s) will display within the browser.
  12. Click within the box of the desired Class Selection based on your attendance preference.
    Class Selection screen
  13. The Class Search and Enroll activity guide will launch within the browser.
  14. Review Step 1 of 4: Review Class Selection and click the Next button.
  15. Review Step 2 of 4: Review Class Preferences and click the Accept button. 

    The Permission Field is optional, complete this information, as necessary. 

    If a waitlist is available for a full course, toggle to Yes to add yourself to the waitlist. 

    For more information regarding course waitlists, refer to the Adding Yourself to a Course's Waitlist article. 

  16. Review Step 3 of 4: Enroll or Add to Cart.
    1. If you wish to proceed with enrolling, select the Enroll radio button.
    2. If you wish to proceed with Add Course to Shopping Cart, select the Add to Shopping Cart radio button.
  17. Once the selections have been determined, click the Next button.
  18. Review Step 4 of 4: Review and Submit, and click the Submit button.

  19. Click the Yes button.