Students can apply to graduate in the Student Administration System once registration for their last semester opens up.

Students should apply to graduate by the fourth week of their final semester for each degree they are completing (or the spring semester for summer graduates).

To apply for graduation, 

  1. Log in to your Student Administration System account. The Student Administration System will open to the Student Homepage. 
    Student Homepage
  2. Click the Graduation tile. 
     Graduation tile
  3. Click Apply for Graduation in the left menu. 
    Click Apply for Graduation
  4. Under the Select an Academic Program heading, click on your hyperlinked program name. For example, the hyperlinked program name in the image below is Engineering
    Click the program name
  5. Select the term in which you plan to graduate from the Expected Graduation Term drop-down list. 
    Expected Graduation Term dropdown

  6. Review the Graduation Instructions and click Continue.
    Review Graduation Instructions and click Continue

  7. Verify the information on the next screen and click Submit Application.
    Verify information and click Submit Application
  8. The confirmation screen below should appear. Verify your personal email address for accuracy.  If updates are necessary, click Click to Add/Update Personal Email Address to make changes.  
    Successfully Applied for Graduation.

    Once you submit your application for graduation, you will NOT receive an email confirmation. 

    If you have already applied to graduate for that program, you will receive a message upon submitting your application letting you know that an application has already been submitted for that program.

    Applying for Graduation is not a Valid Option

  9. Repeat the steps above to apply to graduate for each of your programs.

    After you apply for graduation, you will need to submit a Final Plan of Study.

    For instructions, review the article Submitting Your Final Plan of Study

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