During the enrollment appointment timeframe (i.e., "pick a time"), students can drop a class in which they are currently enrolled in the Student Administration System. 

You may drop a course via the web through the second week of the semester. After the second week, all drops are done in the Registrar's Office in accordance with catalog regulations. If you drop a course after the second week of the semester, a 'W' for withdrawal is recorded on your transcript. (Please be advised, students from the School of Law should consult their academic calendar for drop dates as they differ from these posted deadlines.)

To drop a course from your schedule in the Student Administration System, 

  1. Log in to your Student Administration System account. The Student Administration System will then open to the Student Homepage. 

  2. Click on the Manage Classes button. 
  3. You will then be directed to the Browse Course Catalog section of the Manage Classes page. Select Drop Classes from the menu on the left. 

  4. Select your semester.

  5. Choose the classes you want to drop and click Next.
    Select Classes to Drop Screen
  6. Review the courses listed on the Review Classes to Drop section to verify that these are the courses you intend to drop. When you are sure, click the Drop Classes button.
    Review Classes to Drop
  7. Confirm your choices.
  8. Successful drops will display with a green checkmark.
  9. If an error displays instead, you can make any necessary changes and resubmit your request.