Students can use the Swap function when they do not wish to drop a course until a new course has been successfully added. 

To swap a course in the Student Administration System, 

  1. Log in to your Student Administration System account. The Student Administration System will then open to the Student Homepage. 
  2. Click on the Manage Classes button. 
  3. Click the Swap Classes tab.
    Swap Classes tab

    On the Swap Courses page, you can swap a course that is currently in your list of added classes for one that is not currently in your list of added classes.  
  4. Click the Swap This Class dropdown.
  5. Select from the list of available courses.
  6. From the Swap This Class drop down menu, select a course from your schedule that you wish to remove. 
    Swap This Class dropdown
  7. Search for a class. You will have three options for doing so: (1) by Class Search, (2) from Shopping Cart, or (2) by Class Number.
    1. Select the Class Search option from the Search for Classes drop down menu.  
      Class Search
    2. Alternatively, click the Shopping Cart dropdown to make a selection from the available option(s).  
      Shopping Cart

      For more information on adding classes to your Shopping Cart, refer to one of the following:

    3. Or, enter a class number in the Enter Class Number field. 
      Class Number Field
  1. Click Search.
    Click Search
  2. You will then be directed to the Class Search page in the Swap Classes section. Search for the course you wish to add in the Search for Classes field. 
    Search for Class
  3. Click the double arrow (>>) to search.  A list of search results will display.
  4. In the menu on the left. you can filter your search results by Class Status, Course CareerSubjectNumber of UnitsLocation, Campus, Academic Session, Class Component, and Instruction Mode
    Search Results and Filter

  5. Click on the name of the course you would like to add to your schedule. Course information will then display. 
  6. Click on the numberunder the Option heading for the class section you would like to add. 
    Click Class Section to add
  7. You will then start the review and confirmation process. To begin, verify that you have selected the class you intend to take. 
  8. Once you've verified your class selection, click Next. You will then be prompted to review your class preferences.
  9. If you have been granted a Permission number, enter it in the Permission Number field.
  10. Click the Accept button in the top right corner. 
    Accept Class Swap
  11. You will then be prompted to confirm the class swap. Confirm that you are swapping the correct classes. 
    Confirm Class Swap
  12. When you are satisfied with your class selection, click the Submit button in the top right corner. 
    Click Submit
  13. Click Yes when the Are you sure you want to submit? dialog box appears. The results of the swap will display.
    Click Yes to Confirm

If the results show an error, this indicates that the swap you attempted was not successful. The corresponding error message will indicate the reason the swap did not process and will help you determine a corrective course of action.