Students can use the Academic Planner tool to plan out their future course enrollments.

In the Planner, students can select the courses they intend to register for, assign them to future semesters, and see whether or not planned courses will complete graduation requirements. 

Adding Courses to Your Academic Planner

To add courses, 

  1. Log in to your Student Administration System account. The Student Administration System will then open to the Student Homepage. 
  2. Click on the Manage Classes tile.
  3. You will then be directed to the Browse Course Catalog section of the Manage Classes page.
  4. To search for a class, you can either enter a keyword into the Search for Courses field.  Search results will display.  
    Search for Courses
  5. Once you have found the course you wish to add to your planner, click on the course name. You will then be directed to the Course Detail page.
    Course Search Results
  6. Click on the Add to Planner button in the top right corner. 
    Add to Planner
  7. A green ribbon will display at the top of the page to confirm the course has been added to your planner.   
  8. Click the Home icon from the ribbon at the top of the page, to return to the homepage. 
    Home Icon
  9. Click on the Academic Progress & Advising tile on the homepage. 
  10. From the Advisor page. click the Planner tab from the left menu.   
    Planner tab
  11. Your academic planner will display with a list of the courses you have not yet assigned to a term (i.e., the courses you just added to your planner). 
    Unassigned Courses
  12. Check off the class(es) you wish to assign to a term. 
    Check Classes to Assign to Term
  13. Select a term from the Move selected courses to Term drop-down menu. 
    Move dropdown
  14. Click the Move button. 
  15. A confirmation message will appear across the top of the page. 

If you have questions regarding your Academic Planner or Advisement Report, you should either contact your Academic Advisor, or the Degree Audit unit of the Storrs Registrar's Office at (860) 486-6214.

Another method to add classes to your planner is by navigating through the Enroll/Plan by my Requirements tab.   

  1. Click on the Academic Progress & Advising tile on the homepage. 
  2. Click the Enroll/Plan by my Requirements tab from the left panel. 

    The Plan by My Requirements page is a mirror of the Advisement Report, except that it also includes Planned courses, displayed with a blue star.

  3. In the example below, the Writing Competency section of the report has been expanded, and then the W Courses section. 
    Writing Competency Section
  4. Click any View Course List link to view all the courses that fulfill the requirements for each respective area.
    View Course List

  5. In the example below, this Computer Science and Engineering Major is required to take additional classes to meet requirements.  Click the class you wish to add to your Planner by clicking the Description link. 
    Description Link

    If there are multiple courses listed that will satisfy the respective requirement, use the the View All or First and Last links, or the arrow buttons to display all the options.

  6. The Course Detail page will open. Click the Add to Planner button to add this class to your Planner.
    Add to Planner
  7. A confirmation message will display with a green checkmark. 
    Class has been added to your planner