Students at the junior level or higher can submit a Preliminary/Final Plan of Study to their advisors for review and approval in the Student Administration System. If you need to submit a plan of study, please reference Submitting Your Preliminary Plan of Study or Submitting your Final Plan of Study

To view your Plan of Study Approvals, 

  1. Log in to your Student Administration System account.
  2. Click the Graduation tile on the Student Homepage.
  3. Click Plan of Study Approvals in the left menu. 
    Plan of Study Approvals
  4. On the My Plan of Study Approvals page, you can review your submitted plans of study, including their Type and Approval Status.
    POS Type and Approval Status

    Only plans of study submitted electronically through the Student Administration system will display here.

  5. Click the Comments icon to review comments, add comments, or add attachments, as needed. Please note comments are for reference only; approved changes in the comments will not be reflected in the plan of study.
    POS Comments
  6. Click the PDF icon within the View Plan of Study column to review your submitted plan of study PDF.
    View Plan of Study PDF

    If the PDF document does not appear, disable pop-up blockers on your browser and try again.