Students can view their Academic Requirements Report in the Student Administration System. 

The Academic Requirements Report enables students to view progress towards completing their academic program. 

To view your Academic Requirements Report,

  1. Log in to your Student Administration System account. The Student Administration System will open to the Student Homepage. 
    student homepage
  2. Click the Academic Progress & Advising tile. 
  3.  Select Academic Requirements from the menu on the left. 
    Academic Requirements tile
  4. After a few moments, the My Academic Requirements report will display. Your Academic Requirements Report shows your academic progress toward graduation. Unsatisfied requirements will be expanded by default.
    My Academic Requirements report
    1. Click the arrow next to an individual requirement to expand or collapse a single requirement. Or click the collapse all or expand all buttons to collapse or expand all requirements.  
    2. To view as a pdf document, click View Report as PDF at the top of the report.  
    3. To view your plan of study, click Plan of Study at the top of the report. 

      If the PDF document does not appear, disable pop-up blockers on your browser before trying again.

  5. As you scroll down the report, you will see the areas that have not been satisfied. 

    In the example below, the student has not satisfied the Related Group course requirements.
    View Course List Link

  6. Click View Course List link to view a list of courses that may be used to satisfy those requirements.
    Full list of courses