Students who have a negative service indicator (i.e., a hold) on their record can view and learn more about the hold. 

To view holds,

  1. Log into the Student Administration System. 
  2. Click the Action List tile on the Homepage.
    Action List Tile
  3. Click on the Holds tab. 
  4. To view holds, click anywhere within the boxes under the Hold listing.
    Holds List


    Different types of holds are placed on your record by various offices, such as: Bursar, Health Services, and Financial Aid, for a variety of reasons. Possible reasons for holds include:

    • enrollment
    • transcripts
    • enrollment and transcripts
    • or no service impact (informational only)

    Details about the hold will include the reason for which the hold was placed, and the appropriate actions to take for removing the hold.

  5. Review the Hold Details. 
  6. Click the red X button when finished.  
    Hold Details