Students may give a delegate, such as a parent, guardian, spouse, or partner, access to view some areas of their education record in the University’s Student Administration (Student Admin) system.

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the confidentiality of student records. Except in limited circumstances, the University may not disclose student records and information without obtaining prior written consent. However, students may authorize University Officials to share certain records and information with specific individuals, such as a parent, guardian, spouse, or significant other.

While delegated access is a key feature in the Student Administration System, there are additional tools that enable different levels of access to and disclosure of student records and information. The following is a summary of the purpose of each tool:


Each permission described above is independent from the next. For example, if you add a delegate in the Student Administration System, this action does not automatically give the University permission to discuss your records with that same individual. If you wish for the University to discuss specific information with a delegate, you must also create a FERPA Pin Code in the FERPA Designee Pin Page. While at times this may be confusing or seem like an added step, the University has specifically separated these features to best protect your student records and information so that you may be in control of their disclosure.

Please visit the FERPA websitefor additional details. Students and their families may also find this 4 minute video helpful in understanding FERPA at UConn.

General privacy questions or concerns may be directed to the University’s Privacy Officer at