Students can remove the ConnPIRG fee from their fee bill. 

ConnPIRG (Public Interest Research Group) is a student activism group that works on a number of issues relating to the environment, campaign finance reform, corporate watchdog causes, and other issues. Every student is automatically billed $5.00 on their fee bill, which goes directly to ConnPIRG. Students can waive this fee from their fee bill. 

If you wish to waive the Conn PIRG fee, you must complete the waiver in the Student Administration System.

To waive the Conn PIRG fee,

  1. Click the Bursar Services tile on the Homepage.

Bursar Services Tile

 2. Click the Waiver tab within the listing on the far left of the page.

Waivers Tab

3. Waiver options will display.  Click Pirg Waiver. 

Pirg Waiver

4. To complete the waiver, click the Waive ConnPIRG Contribution checkbox.

5. Click the Create Waiver button. 


6. When the waiver has been successfully completed, Waiver Successfully Created will display just below your name. 


To learn more about the activities supported by your ConnPIRG donation, click the ConnPIRG Website link above the Create Waiver button.