Students can purchase University Bookstore items using the UConn Bookstore Student Accounts Program. 

The UConn Bookstore Student Accounts Program enables eligible students to charge purchases on qualifying items made in-store or online from the University Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) to their student fee bill. Each eligible student that agrees to participate in this voluntary, opt-in program, may charge up to $500.00 per term (fall & spring), $250.00 for summer, and $0 for winter in purchases made from the University Bookstore through this program.

For more information about eligibility and program start/end dates, review the Bursar's UConn Bookstore Accounts Program page. 

To enroll in the UConn Bookstore Accounts Program, 

  1. Click the Bursar Services tile on the Homepage.

Bursar Services Tile

  1. Click the Enroll in Bookstore Billing tab within the listing on the far left of the page.

Enroll in Bookstore Billing tab

3. Enter your NetID (your NetID, in this case, will serve as your electronic signature). 

4. Select YES to enroll in the UConn Bookstore Student Accounts Program.

Enroll in Bookstore Billing Agreement

5. Your enrollment request was successful. 

If you are currently enrolled in the UConn Bookstore Student Accounts Program and would like to discontinue your enrollment,

  1. Repeat Steps 1 through 3. 
    1. Select NO to revoke your enrollment. The page that displays afterward will confirm that your enrollment was successfully revoked. 
      revoke enrollment