Students can access and complete the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement in the Student Administration System. 

Accessing Your SF Responsibility Agreement

Failure to complete the SF Responsibility Agreement will result in a hold being placed on your account. You will need to complete the agreement to remove the hold.

To access your SF Responsibility Agreement,

  1. Click the Action List tile on the Homepage.
    Action List Tile
  2. Click within the SF Responsibility Agreement SP21 box.
  3. Review the Introduction.
  4. Click the Mark As Read button in the upper right corner.
  5. Click the Next button in the upper right corner. 
    SF Responsibility Intro
  6. Review the statement.
  7. Click the Checkbox to acknowledge, and then click the Save button.
    Student Financial Responsibility Agreement
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. Click the Finished Task button.
    Complete Task screen
  10. Click the X button in the upper right corner. 

Copies of Email Notifications 

This section displays the email notifications you will receive throughout the SF Responsibility Agreement completion process. 


This image shows the email message that is sent to you once the SF Responsibility Agreement has been assigned to you. 

SF Responsibility Agreement assigned


This image shows the email you will receive if you have not completed the SF Responsibility Agreement once it has been assigned.  

SF Responsibility Agreement reminder


This image shows the email you will receive upon completing the SF Responsibility Agreement. 

SF Responsibility Agreement completed