Students can waive the University's health plan from their fee bill.

UConn automatically enrolls students in the University health plan. However, if you have alternative coverage, you can waive the University plan. If you fail to complete the waiver, it is assumed that you accept coverage offered under the University-sponsored health insurance plan, and the charge for that coverage will remain on your fee bill.

  • Students have until September 15th to waive their health insurance for this academic year.
  • The health insurance waiver must be completed every year. The waiver only covers one academic year at a time.

Opting Out of the University Health Plan

To opt-out of the University health plan,

  1. Log into the Student Administration System with your NetID credentials. Click the Bursar Services tile on the Homepage.

Bursar Services Tile

 2. Click the Waiver tab within the listing on the far left of the page.

Waivers Tab

3. Click the Health Waivers tab. 

Health Waivers tab

4. The University of Connecticut Student Insurance Waiver page will appear. Review the introduction.

5. Select the name of your Insurance Company from the drop-down menu.

insurance company drop down

6. Enter the Name of the Insurance Company, the Member ID, and Group Number (if your plan has one).

Insurance Information

7. Read and acknowledge the statements below,

8.  Enter your NetID in the Electronic Signature field and click the Submit Waiver Request button.

Submit Health Waiver Request

By completing and saving the waiver form, you are not covered under the University-sponsored health insurance plan, and the charge for health insurance will be removed from your fee bill.