Students can change their addresses in the Student Administration System. 

  1. Log into the Student Administration System.
  2. Click the Profile tile on the Homepage.
  3. Click the Addresses tab within the listing on the far left of the page.
  4. Click within any existing Address field to launch the Edit view.
    Current Address
  5. Enter your updated address information.

    The Country and Address 1 fields are required.

    Edit Address

  6. Click the Save button in the top right-hand corner when finished. 

    You can specify an address if you would like your diploma to be sent to an address that is not your mailing/billing address. If a Diploma Address is not noted, your diploma will be mailed to your mailing/billing address automatically. Diplomas are mailed approximately two months after conferral, so the address should be appropriate for that timeframe.
    Diploma Address