Students can change their email address in the Student Administration System. 

Prior to being admitted to UConn, the University uses your personal email account to correspond with you. Once you have been provided your Student Administration System seven-digit UserID, you may log into the system and update your personal email address as needed.

All admitted students are issued a University email address. This account is then used to send official UConn correspondence to you. It is your responsibility to check it on a regular basis. For more information, or to log into your email account, you can visit the University email website

Changing Your Email Address 

To change your email address,

  1. Click the Profile tile on the Homepage.

Profile Tile

2. Click the Contact tab within the listing on the far left of the page.

3. Click within the box of any existing Email to launch the edit tool (emails listed at Preferred aren't editable). 

Current Email

4. Updated Email Address by updating the actual email address text, checking the Preferred checkbox, or deleting. 

Email Update Options

5. Click the Save button once you modified the text or checked the Preferred checkbox. 

The Campus email type may not be modified or deleted.