Students can view and manage current and previous financial aid awards on the Student Administration System.

The Student Administration System provides users with a portal to their financial aid status, and enables users to accept or decline their financial aid awards, verify credit hours, enter aid from other sources, and complete the Federal Direct Deposit Stafford Loan MPN. 

Article Overview

Accessing Your Financial Aid 

To access the financial aid section of the Student Administration System, 

  1. Log in to your Student Administration account.
  2. Navigate to the Main Menu. 
  3. Click on Self-Service. 
  4. Select Student Center. The Student Center will appear.
    Click on any image on this page to view at full size. 
  5. Click the View Financial Aid link under Financial Aid on your Student Center page.
  6. Click View Financial Aid to access the Online Financial Aid Center.
  7. Click the Aid Year link for which you wish to view financial aid.
  • If an aid year does not have an active link, no aid has been processed for that year.
  • If no line appears for an aid year, aid was not applied for in that year.
  • For Financial Aid purposes, an Aid Year includes Fall, Spring and Summer. For example, Aid Year 2008 includes Fall 2007, Spring 2008 and Summer 2008.
  • Only financial aid information for the 2005-2006 aid year and later may be viewed via the Student Administration System.

Reviewing Your Award Summary 

The award summary page displays an overview of your awards for the selected aid year. It will only be available if you have a received a financial aid package for the selected aid year. 

  • Cancelled or declined awards will not display on the Award Summary page.
  • To accept or decline your awards, proceed to the Financial Aid Action page.

Understanding the Status of Your Award

For each term, the corresponding portion of the award offered, accepted, and disbursed will be displayed.

  • Offered – Denotes the amount of the award offered.
  • Accepted – The portion of the award that has been accepted. If the amount displayed is zero, this indicates that you have not yet accepted the award.
  • Disbursed – The portion of the award to be disbursed. If the amount displayed is zero, this indicates that the award has not been disbursed. 

Some forms of aid are not disbursed through the Office of Student Financial Aid Services and will always show a disbursed amount of ‘0.’ Those types of aid include Work-Study, Private Scholarships, Fellowships, Loans (manually processed), and Tuition Waivers. 

The Award Summary page includes a list of Quick Links on the right side of the screen that allows you to access related information efficiently. 

  • Click the Return to Student Center link to navigate back to the  Student Center page of Student Administration.
  • Click on the Select an Aid Year link to return to the Aid Year Selection page. 
  • To view alternative loan information from the OSFAS website in a new window, visit the Alternative Loan Info page. 
  • To view the Office of Student Financial Aid Services website in a new window, click on the Financial Aid Info link. 
  • To view the Bursar’s Office website in a new window, click on the Bursar’s Office link. 

Reviewing Your Financial Aid Status

After selecting the aid year to view, you can review the status of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and your financial aid award package. You can then take any necessary corrective action. 

After reviewing your FAFSA Information and Packaging Status, 

  1. Click the Continue button (if available) to proceed to your award summary. 
    1. If the Continue button is not available, your information is not available at this time. 

Financial Aid Status page also includes Quick Links, which appear on the right side of the screen. You can use them to navigate to the information you intend to view. 

  • As indicated above, you view alternative loan information from the OSFAS website in a new window, visit the Alternative Loan Info page. 
  • To view the Office of Student Financial Aid Services website in a new window, click on the Financial Aid Info link. 
  • To view the Bursar’s Office website in a new window, click on the Bursar’s Office link. 

Financial Aid Action

There are six main steps that you must complete on the  Financial Aid Action page in order for your aid to be processed:

  1. Accept/decline your awards.
  2. Verify your credit hours.
  3. Enter aid from other sources.
  4. Complete a Federal Direct Stafford Loan MPN,
  5. Certify the accuracy of the information you entered.
  6. Print the confirmation page for your records. 

Once all steps have been completed, and you have printed a page for your records, you may sign out and close your browser. This section will explain how to complete the six steps above. 

Accepting or Declining Your Awards 

To accept or decline your financial aid awards, 

  1. Follow the steps described in the Accessing Your Financial Aid section above to navigate to your financial aid summary for the selected year. 
    1. The awards that you have been offered are based on the information submitted on your FAFSA. Both the amount and type of your awards are based on the projected enrollment status indicated in Financial Aid Load column. 
      1.  If the Accept/Decline button is greyed out or inactive, you have already accepted, declined or reduced all of your financial aid awards. You may not make any further updates via the Student Administration System. To make additional changes to any of your awards, you will need to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services at (860) 486- 2819 or 
      2. If the Accept/Decline Awards button is active, your financial aid package is available for review. Click the Accept/Decline Awards button to take action on the awards you have been offered. You must respond within 45 days of the offer date, otherwise, any unaccepted awards may be cancelled.
    2. You must accept, reduce or decline each award listed by marking the corresponding Accept or Decline check box for each award. 
      1. If you would like to accept an portion of the aid that is less than the award offered, select Accept. You will then be provided an additional field in which to edit the portion of the award accepted. 
    3. Click on your award for more detailed information about that award type. 
  2. Once you have accepted, reduced or declined your awards, click Save to receive an Award Save Confirmation. 
    1. Selecting the OK button will bring you back to the Award Package page. 
  3. Proceed to the Verifying Your Credit Hours section. 

Loan Notes

  • If a PLUS Loan Eligibility award appears in your list of awards and your parent would like to borrow a Federal PLUS Loan on your behalf, you must mark the Accept checkbox of your PLUS Loan Eligibility.  Your parent must also apply for a PLUS Loan online.
  • If you are a Graduate Student and you would like to accept the Graduate PLUS Loan eligibility award that appears in your list of awards, you must mark the Accept checkbox of your Graduate PLUS Loan Eligibility. You must also apply for a GRAD PLUS Loan.
  • If you are a first-time borrower at UConn and accept a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan, you will be contacted regarding additional paperwork which must be completed before the loan will be disbursed.
  • Items you have declined will no longer appear in your Award Package.
  •  Loan(s) may be reduced until they have been originated.
  • Grants and scholarships are automatically accepted for you.
  • Cancelled and declined awards will not appear on the award page.
  • If an award is unavailable for update, you will need to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services at (860) 486- 2819 or

Verifying Your Credit Hours

Final financial aid awards are based on a fixed enrollment date, the 10th day of classes. In this step, you must enter the number of credits for which you anticipate enrolling.

To begin, 

  1. Click the Enter Credits button. 
  2. In the Credits field for each term, enter the number of credits for which you EXPECT TO REGISTER.
    1. The maximum number of credits you may register for each term is 25.
      1. If you do not plan to register for a term listed, enter ‘ 0’ in the Credits field for that term.
  3. If the number of credits you enter in Step 2 does not equal the number of credits required for the enrollment status indicated in the Financial Aid Load column of Step 1, your financial aid may be revised. You must be full-time to receive most forms of financial aid.
    1. You may continue to update the information on this page until you proceed to enter aid from other sources (the instructions for this part are described in the next section), after which no other edits will be permitted.
  4. Click Save to confirm your entries.
  5. Proceed to the Entering Aid from Other Sources section. 

Entering Aid from Other Sources

If you do not have any other sources of financial aid, you will still need to indicate this by marking the I am not receiving any aid from other sources checkbox. 

If you received additional aid from a source not listed in the Accepting or Declining Your Awards section, you will need to indicate the source. To do so, 

  1. Click the Enter Other Aid Sources button to continue. 
    1. You must report any additional financial aid not displayed on the previous page. Your financial aid award may be adjusted if additional aid exceeds your demonstrated financial need.
  2. Click the Add an Item button to enter any aid from outside sources. 
  3. Enter all outside financial aid you will be receiving for the aid year (Fall, Spring, and following Summer), including, but not limited to: scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, assistantships, fellowships, veteran’s benefits, community assistant positions, etc.
    1. Use whole dollar amounts only (no cents).
    2. If you are not sure how an item will be paid, assume it will be split evenly between the fall and spring semesters.
    3. For each award, complete the Award Description, Fall Amount, and Spring Amount fields.
    4. Complete the Summer Amount field if applicable. 
  4. If you have more than one source of additional aid, click Add an Item again to repeat Steps 3 and 4

    • Your financial aid may be revised based on the amounts you enter on this page.
    • If you will not be receiving a scholarship that you previously listed here, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.
  5. If you accepted a Federal Direct Student Loan, proceed to the Completing a Federal Direct Loan MPN section.  If you did not accept a Federal Direct Loan, proceed to the Certifying Your Information section instead. 

Completing a Federal Direct Loan MPN

This step is applicable only to students with an accepted Federal Direct Loan. All students who accept a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan must complete a new Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the Federal Direct Loan program before the Federal Direct Loan will appear as an anticipated deferral on the fee bill. 

If you are a first-time Federal Direct Loan borrower at UConn, you are required to complete the Federal Loan Counseling process before your loan will disburse. 

Once you have completed the MPN and the Federal  Loan Counseling, proceed to the the Certifying Your Information section. 

Certifying Your Information 

To complete the financial aid action process, you will need to verify that all required fields have been completed, and that all of the information that you have entered is correct. If there are any items required to complete your file, your aid will not be disbursed until they are received.

  1. If the I Certify That All Information is Correct button is grayed out, then it is inactive, which indicates you still need to complete a required step.
    1. In this case, scroll up and review the previous sections for any incomplete information or empty required fields. 
  2. If the I Certify That All Information is Correct button is not grayed out, it is active.
    1. In this case, click the button to certify that the information is correct. 
      1. Once you click it, the certification shows the date/time stamp and your Student ID number. 
  3. Once you have certified your information, proceed to the Printing the Award Confirmation Page section. 

Printing the Award Notification Page

Once you have accepted/declined your awards, verified your credit hours. entered aid from other sources, completed a Federal Direct Stafford Loan MPN, and certified the accuracy of the information you entered, you should print the award confirmation page for your records. To do so, 

  1. Click the Printable View button to display a printable version of your award notification. 

    • The Printable View button will remain greyed out until you click the I Certify That All Information is Correct button. 
    • If you are unable to view the printable version, you may need to turn off, or temporarily disable, your pop-up blocker to access it. 
  2. Print this page as confirmation that you have successfully accepted, declined or reduced all of your financial aid.
  3. Sign out and close your browser when you are finished to protect the security of your account. 
The University of Connecticut reserves the right to modify financial aid awards at anytime because of changes in your financial status, academic status, changes in the availability of funds at the University, or failure to comply with program requirements.