Students will be prompted to complete a series of 7 verification pages before attempting to access their Student Administration profile and Student Center. 

Completing the Verification Process

As of January 25, 2021, all active students are required to complete a series of 7 successive verification pages immediately upon signing into Student Admin. The verification pages will walk you through entering, verifying, and/or editing your contact information.

Once you have completed the verification process and are instructed to click the hyperlink on the last page to sign out, you should close your browser session. The next time you access Student Admin, you will be directed to your default Student Admin home page. From there, you will be able to access your account.

  • You may notice that a page with the Oracle logo pops up and quickly disappears before the introduction page displays. This popup was identified during Student Admin testing. ITS determined that the popup appears because the system displays that page as it processes the authentication and website redirect. 

    The popup will not impact your ability to access the verification pages.
  • If you try to sign in with your 7-digit Student ID number or EmplID instead of your NetID, your login will fail, and the Incorrect Username or Password message will display. 
  • If you click the forget password link and enter your EmplID you will receive the message below.

    As is current practice, passwords for EmplID user profiles should not be reset in CSPR / Student Admin. Rather, you should reset passwords for EmpIID user profiles at the NetID site.