If the Panel appears off, tap on it once to wake it up. If you see the UCONN logo, tap on it once to turn on the classroom system.

The following list corresponds to the numbers superimposed onto the classroom touch panel screenshot above:

  1. Projector Mute: This button will mute the projector and is much faster than turning the projector off and on again.
  2. Display Controls: This will bring you to a page that has the controls for the projector screen and projector, monitors in the room, and possibly lighting controls. (might not include the lighting controls part)
  3. Laptop USB-C: The new USB-C cables carry the HDMI signal of newer Laptops that do not have a full size HDMI port. Note: you do not need ThunderBolt for this option.
  4. WePresent: This source allows you to wirelessly share your laptop, phone, or tablet screen with the classroom. If you would like to share video content, please use the classroom PC or the HDMI/USB-C connections instead. Learn more about the WePresents here.
  5. Video Conferencing: Some UConn rooms have equipment that allows for room-to-room video calls and the ability to join Webex sessions. Learn more below.
  6. Kaltura Live Lecture Capture: The classroom is able to record your lecture directly to your Kaltura account. You may also have the option to Live-Stream your lecture in real-time (45 second delay).

Kaltura Live Lecture Capture

To learn more about lecture recording, please visit this page: Kaltura Live Lecture Capture

Video Conferencing

To learn more about classroom video conferencing, please visit this page: Classroom Video Conferencing