Faculty and staff that teach remotely during the school year can use Kaltura Live Lecture Capture to record and live-stream their lectures simultaneously. 

Most UConn classrooms are capable of recording lectures and live-streaming them simultaneously. This enables remote teaching to students and broadcasting presentations to the world. 

The picture shown on the teaching station monitor is the picture that will be recorded/live streamed in Kaltura Capture enabled classrooms.



To check if your room has lecture capture ability, click on the appropriate link for your campus.

Note about Live-Streaming your Lecture

kaltura live lecture capture

If you elect to live-stream your lecture, your viewers will need to find the link on the Classroom Directory. You may also visit this page and share the link yourself.

  1. Locate the room.
  2. Click the Live Stream link for the classroom, as shown in the example below.
    UConn Classroom Directory for ARJ 105 with Live Stream link hightlighted.

Please note that pausing your recording will not pause the livestream.

Using Kaltura Live Lecture Capture

A video walk-through, along with written instructions, is provided below.

To use Kaltura Live Lecture Capture, 

  1. Select the appropriate recording setup. You can choose to only have the camera or only your content, or you can record both the camera and your content.
  2. Decide whether you would like to live stream your lecture. 

    This feature is not available in every room.

  3. Enter your NetID when prompted. Doing so will assign ownership of the recording to the NetID entered.
  4. Once you enter your NetID, ensure that your name appears on the next screen (shown in the picture below, in Step 5).
    1. If your name does not appear, press Exit without recording. 
    2. Repeat Steps 1-4.
    3. If your name is still not appearing, contact Academic IT at (860) 486-4357, Option 1.
  5. A microphone is required for lecture capture. Microphones can be found in their charging stations on the classroom's teaching station.
    1. After turning on the microphone, check to see that the level bars are bouncing up and down as you speak to show that the system is hearing your voice. This bar (or bars) is shown in the picture below.
    2. If the levels are not reflecting your voice, ensure that the microphone is on. To do so,
      1. Check if you can see numbers on the belt pack's screen.
      2. If you do not see the yellow bars, contact Academic IT at (860) 486-4357, Option 1.
      3. Return the belt pack to the charging station when you are finished. 
      4. When you are ready, hit Record in the center of the screen. Your recording will begin immediately. Do not worry about this immediate start; you will be able to trim and cut your recording once it has finished uploading and processing on Kaltura.

Touch Panel Tools and Features

Upon pressing the Record button, you will be directed to the Live Capture home page on the touch panel.

The following list of tools and features corresponds to the numbers (shown in red circles) superimposed onto the classroom touch panel screenshot above:

  • [1] By clicking on the Change button under your name, you can switch to the other capture options: Camera, Content, or Camera and Content.
  • [2] You may change the source that is being recorded throughout your presentation.
  • [3] You may pause and resume your recording throughout your presentation.

    If you are live-streaming, the pause button will only pause the recording. The system will still be broadcasting to the live-stream link while the system recording is paused.

  • [4] You may turn the live-stream on and off throughout your presentation.

Make sure that you can see the Recording in Progress status at the bottom of the panel (this should appear in yellow text), and that you see audio levels bouncing as you speak.