What is a Non-Class or Organization Site?

While most HuskyCT sites are associated with academic classes listed in the Student Admin System (PeopleSoft), HuskyCT sites can also be created for other purposes, such as training activities, group collaboration, information gathering, and resource sharing.

Faculty, students and staff can request a HuskyCT non-class or organization site in HuskyCT by following the steps below.

Submitting a HuskyCT Non-Class/Organization Site Request

To request a HuskyCT non-class or organization site, you will need to submit a request form. To do so,

  1. Access the request form.
  2. Follow the form's onscreen prompts for required information. 
  3. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

For more information or assistance with HuskyCT, contact the Educational Technology Office at edtech@uconn.edu or (860) 486-5052.