Dear HuskyCT Users,

Beginning Spring 2020, the appearance and layout of some parts of HuskyCT will change. Your courses and non-class sites will not be affected, but the overall look of the HuskyCT system before you go into a course or non-class site will be updated. Prior to this change the “My Courses” page has been the starting point in HuskyCT after logging in, and that will become the new “Institution Page.” The Institution Page has some aesthetic improvements in terms of layout and ease-of-use, and it will be less cluttered than before. You will still have access to all the same information and resources, but everything should be easier to find. Additionally, you will also see a new menu on the left-hand side of HuskyCT, and this is where you will access your courses, non-class sites, and other features.

As well, one of the biggest improvements you will see is the new Courses page. You will have two layouts available for viewing your courses (a list view or a grid layout with images. Your non-class sites can be found under the "Organizations" area). 

In general, the aim of this HuskyCT update is to make the system more attractive and easier to use while maintaining all of its current functionality.

CETL- Educational Technologies
HuskyCT Admin Team