This article is for faculty and staff who wish to change a syllabus file in a HuskyCT course. When restoring or copying over a course, the syllabus will often need to be updated or changed. Below, there are two methods for doing this; the method you use will depend on how the original syllabus was added into HuskyCT.

To change a syllabus file in HuskyCT, 

  1. Navigate to the content area or folder where the syllabus is currently posted. You can do this either from the navigation menu or from a content page:
    1. If the syllabus is posted in the navigation menu, click on a Content Area link in the navigation menu.
      Content Area in HuskyCT.
    2. If the syllabus is posted on a content page, click on a Content Folder link on a content page.
      Content Folder example.
  2. Add the syllabus file. You can do so either by adding the original syllabus file as a File, or by adding the original syllabus file as a Syllabus: 
    1. Adding the Original Syllabus as a File: 
      1. Click on the gray option menu arrow next to the old Syllabus link.
      2. Select Edit.
        Editing the original syllabus.
      3. Click Select a Different File.
        Selecting a file.
      4. Enter a name for the link to the syllabus.
      5. Click on Browse My Computer.
      6. Select the desired syllabus file. 
        Selecting a desired file.
      7. Verify that the new file has been added, and that the file is set to open in a new window. 
        Adding a new file.
      8. Click Submit. 
        Submit icon.
    2. Adding the Original Syllabus as a Syllabus:

      If the Syllabus was added using this method, it will display in HuskyCT as shown in the image below.

      Syllabus in HuskyCT.

      1. Click on the gray down arrow next to the Syllabus link.
      2. Select Edit
        Editing a syllabus in HuskyCT.
      3. Use Browse My Computer to select the new syllabus file, which will appear at the bottom for your screen.
        New syllabus in browse my computer.
      4. Mark the old file for removal.
        File marked for removal.
      5. Click Submit.
        Submit icon.

The attached file should now be the new syllabus file.

Attached syllabus in HuskyCT.

For more information or assistance with HuskyCT, contact the Educational Technology Office at or (860) 486-5052.