This article is for instructors who wish to add extra test time for specific students or allow one or more students to take a test at a different time.

Access the Test Options Menu

  1. Go to the content location on your site where the Test has been “Deployed” (added).
  2. Mouse over the link with the Test title Click on the gray down arrow.
  3. Choose “Edit Test Options” from the menu.
    Edit test options from the menu.

    If you do not see this option, it is probably a “Course Link” and not the direct link to the test.

Add the "Test Availability Exception"

  1. Scroll to “Test Availability Exceptions” (Section 3)

  2. Click on “Add User or Group”
    Test availability exceptions.

  3. Select the student from the class list that pops up. Edit the paging if needed.
    Student selection.

  4. Click “Submit” at lower right hand corner of window.
    Submit option.

  5. Enter the time needed in Timer section and/or select an alternate availability time for the student:
    Test availability exceptations.

  6. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the Test Options page.
    Submit option.

These settings will then apply only to the students for whom a Test Availability Exception was set. These settings will be independent of the general timer or availability settings that apply to other students. Note: You can also allow the student a different number of attempts with these setting.

Still need help?

For further information or assistance with HuskyCT, please contact the Educational Technology Office at or 860-486-5052.