This article explains how faculty and staff can export their midterm and final grades from their HuskyCT Grade Centers to Student Admin (PeopleSoft).

There are two ways to send grades from HuskyCT to Student Admin (PeopleSoft). If you have your grades set up and ready to go in your HuskyCT course, one option is to use the "Grade Approval and Transfer" feature found under the "Manage" menu in the Full Grade Center. (This is Method 1 below.) This is usually the easiest method if you already have your grades recorded in your HuskyCT Grade Center. The other option (Method 2) is to download an Excel file of your grades from your Grade Center in your HuskyCT course, make a few modifications to that file, and then upload that file yourself into your grade roster in Student Admin. Instructors can choose either method, depending on what suits their purposes best.

Method 1: Use Grade Approval and Transfer to Send Midterm and Final Grades from Your HuskyCT Grade Center to Student Admin

Step 1: Prepare your Midterm or Final Grade column:

In the Grade Center, find your midterm or final grade column and select "Edit Column Information." 

Column menu and Edit Column Information option

Edit the column's name to begin with "MID" or "FIN" depending on whether you are sending midterm or final grades. (This is necessary for Student Admin to be able to properly accept the grade data. If the "Column Name" field and the "Grade Center Name" field are different, the "Grade Center Name" field is the one that must be edited to begin with "MID" or "FIN.") 

Also on the "Edit Column Information" page, make sure the Primary Display is set to a letter grade schema. Student Admin cannot accept numerical grade values. 

Edit Column page showing Primary Display as Default Letter

HuskyCT includes default letter grade schemas, but it is very important that instructors make sure that they check and edit those in their course as necessary. This is because the default letter grade schema may not exactly match what instructors use in their own courses for grading. Instructors should check their letter grade schemas in the HuskyCT Grade Center (Grade Center > Manage > Grading Schemas) and compare with what they include on their course's syllabus. The name of the default letter grade schema in your course may not match exactly what is shown in the examples above. Instructors should always check the letter grade schemas in their course(s) and edit as necessary.

For more information about using letter grade schemas, please review this page: Working With Letter Grade Schemas in HuskyCT.

Next, set the midterm or final grade column as the "External Grade." This is indicated by a green checkmark in the column's header, and this is how HuskyCT designates the grade data that will be sent over to Student Admin. If your column is already set as the external grade, you will see the green checkmark in that column. If not, open the column's option menu and select "Set as External Grade."

Column menu, set as external grade

Once you have named your grade column correctly, set it as the external grade, and made sure the Primary Display is showing a letter grade, your are ready to proceed to Step 2 and "push" that column to Student Admin.

Checklist for Grade Column Preparation

To recap Step 1, your grade column must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be named correctly, e.g. begin with the letters "MID" for midterm grades or "FIN" for final grades;
  2. Display a letter grade;
  3. Be the External Grade in your HuskyCT Grade Center, as indicated by a green checkmark.

If the grade column you intend to send to Student Admin does not meet all of these conditions, your grades will not populate in your Student Admin grade roster.

Step 2: Push Your Grade Column to Student Admin:

From the "Manage" menu in your Grade Center, select Grade Approval and Transfer:

Manage menu, grade approval and transer

On the Grade Approval and Transfer page, check the box for your course and click "Grade Column Approval and Transfer." (Note: This process also works for combined courses, e.g., courses with multiple sections combined into one HuskyCT course.)

grade approval and transfer page, selecting course section

Next, you will see the column you had previously set as the External Grade. Check the box next to the column and click "Approve Grades." This will send the grades to Student Admin.

select column and click approve grades

Using the Grade Approval and Transfer function, and specifically clicking "Approve Grades" during that process, does not finalize grade approval in the Student Admin system. You will still need to login to Student Admin and complete the grade approval process there for your grades to become "official" for the Registrar. Once you have completed these steps to push grades from HuskyCT to Student Admin, it may take up to 90 minutes for those grades to appear in your Student Admin Grade Roster. It is recommended that instructors check their Student Admin grade rosters 90 minutes after sending grades from HuskyCT to confirm that the process completed.

If you find that you need to change a student's grade after you have already pushed your grades to Student Admin, you can still change that grade and in HuskyCT and repeat Step 2. That will re-push grades to Student Admin. You can do this up until you change the Approval Status in Student Admin to "Approved."

Step 3: Approving Grades in Student Admin (Final grades only)

After all final grades have been populated and saved in Student Admin, change the Approval Status at the top of the page to Approved. (If you need to change grades after doing this and re-push from HuskyCT, change the field to "Not Reviewed." "Approved" or "Ready for Review" will prevent grade pushes.

Next, a confirmation window should appear. Click OK.

Once your final grades are approved in Student Admin, the process is complete.

Only instructors with grade approver status will be able to approve rosters in Student Admin. Grade rosters in Student Admin can be updated as many times as desired as long as the Approval Status is Not Reviewed. However, once the Approval Status has been changed to either Ready to Review or Approved the Upload button will not longer appear.

Need help setting up your Grade Center?

If you need help with preliminary stages of setting up your Grade Center in HuskyCT (such as creating grade columns, setting up grade calculations, or setting up a letter grade schema) please visit HuskyCT Instructor Support to find online documentation on using the Grade Center.

Method 2: Download and Import a Grade Center Excel File

Step 1: Select Letter Grade as your Primary Display

  1. Go to the Full Grade Center. 

  2. Click on the drop-down menu at the top of your final grade column.

  3. Select Edit Column Information.
    Edit Column Information

  4. Next to Primary Display, select Letter. Click Submit.
    Select Letter

Step 2: Download Grades

  1. In the Full Grade Center, click on Work Offline at the upper right, and then on Download.
    Work Office and then Download
  2. Change the setting under “Data” to Selected Column. Choose the column in the Grade Center that contains final letter grades and select Comma as the delimiter type. Then select My Computer as the Location.

  3. Use Excel to open the .CSV file downloaded from HuskyCT. Remove all columns except for Username and the column with the course grades.
  4. Add two new columns to the left of the column that contains the NetIDs.
  5. Enter the term code (e.g., 1148 for Fall 2014) in just Row 2 of Column A as shown here.
  6. Name the first column “Term” and the second column “Class Number”. The order of the data columns is a requirement. The header names can vary.
  7. Enter the class number for your course section in just Row 2 of Column B.

When saving the edited file, it must remain a CSV file. Excel may ask you to confirm that you wish to keep the file in CSV format. Click Yes.

Step 3: Import Grades to Student Admin (PeopleSoft)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Self Service and then on Faculty Center.
  3. Click on the icon (shown below) to access the grade roster.
  4. Click on Upload Grades.

  5. Click on the Browse button and select the file needed to upload. After the file appears in the text box next to browse, click Upload.

NOTE: Once the grades have been uploaded you will need to complete the usual review, save, and approve process. Please contact the Office of the Registrar (860-486-3331; for questions regarding the recording of grades.

Still need help?

For further information or assistance with HuskyCT, please contact the Educational Technology Office at or 860-486-5052.