With recording technologies, which enable lecture capture, instructors can record their presentations and share the content online. ITS supports Kaltura Lecture Capture (KLC) in centrally scheduled classrooms. KLC is a cloud-based media capture and storage application that facilitates the integration of multi-media content into the UConn learning management system, HuskyCT.

Kaltura Self-Service Lecture Capture

This enhanced self-service capability enables instructors to record and publish audio and screen captures from their courses without making previous arrangements with the ITS’s Academic IT staff.  Self-service recording enables presenters to perform ad hoc recordings in high-tech classrooms and retrieve their files from UConn’s KLC online portal. This capability is included the standard classroom technology package.

ITS also offers self-service live streaming in select classrooms, which allows presenters to share content in real-time. No advance notice is required. Self-service live streaming is available in classrooms that have All listed in the lecture capture column of the classroom directory.

Additional Recording Options

The options below will save the recorded video to Kaltura.  If you use another application to create a video, it's recommended you upload it to Kaltura and share it from Kaltura or another video sharing server.  

Desktop Lecture Capture

In addition to the room-based systems, we also support Kaltura Capture, desktop recording software that you can install on your computer to record lectures.


Lightboard is a specialized recording room with a transparent panel that allows instructors to face their audience while writing content on the screen.  This room has recently been upgraded to enhance ease of use. For more information and to reserve the room, visit the Lightboard page.

HBL 3110 

There is a recording room located in HBL 3110 that can be reserved for recordings. It is outfitted with a high quality microphone, camera, and computer to record with. Visit the room page for more information and reservations.

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