This article is intended for users who want to edit their videos in Kaltura. There are five basic ways to edit a video in KalturaTrim beginning, Trim end, Cut from the middle, Fade in or fade out, Add a quiz. 

Students, faculty, and staff can edit videos in Kaltura by trimming the beginning of a video, trimming the end, cutting from the middle, fading in or out, and adding a quiz. 

Accessing the Video Editor in Kaltura

To access Kaltura, 

  1. Go into My Kaltura Media from the HuskyCT Institution Page. Alternatively:
    1. Navigate to 
    2. Click on Guest.
    3. Select My Media to log in.
  2. Click on the video you would like to edit.
  3. Click on Actions.
  4. Select Launch Editor. 

You should Save a Copy after you’ve made your edits so that you don’t overwrite the original. When you save a copy, close the original and open the copy to continue making edits.

Editor Screen
The kaltura video editor screen has many icons that do different tasks related to video editing.

Controlling the Timeline in Kaltura

  • Drag the zoom marker to increase or decrease how zoomed the timeline is.
  • Click Show/Hide to show or hide the audio track from the timeline.

Moving in Small Increments on the Editor Timeline in Kaltura

  • Right Arrow: One second forward
  • Left Arrow: One second backward
  • Alt + Right Arrow: Ten seconds forward
  • Alt + Left Arrow: Ten seconds backward

Setting a Range and Trimming the Beginning or End in Kaltura

To trim media or to create a clip, you must first define the range from which you wish to keep or make a clip. There are many ways to set a range, and all can be used depending on the accuracy needed and personal preference:


Drag the yellow handlebars of the start or endpoints with your mouse to set the range which will trim the video.


Move the Real-Time Marker (blue box on the timeline) to the point to make the edit. Drag either Timeline handlebar to snap it to the Real-Time Marker or click on the trim beginning or trim end to snap to that point.

Cutting From the Middle in Kaltura

To cut from the middle of a Kaltura video, 

  1. Navigate to the position on the timeline where you need to cut the video.
  2. Click on the scissors icon.
  3. You will now have two sections.
  4. Drag the Timeline handlebar(s) to cut the desired section or use the Real-Time Marker to snap to the point.
  5. Once you save the video the system will join the two sections for you.

Fade In and Fade Out in Kaltura

Sometimes a fade in or fade out is added after cutting a section from the middle.

  1. Select the section in which you'll make the fade. If you have only one section you don’t need to select it.
  2. Click on the fade icon and enter the number of seconds for each fade.

Quizzing in Kaltura

To create a quiz in Kaltura, 

  1. Open the Quiz Editor.
  2. Click Start to create a new quiz.  A copy of the media is created, and the original media is retained.

Optional Features and Tools

The next steps include options in the Quiz Editor, along with their default values. Open each section to modify the default values for the selected media entry. You may revert to defaults at any time.  Click Save after each time you modify any option.

  • Click Details. Default values are displayed.

Upon Submission

Resulting Display for the End User

Quiz Name

Quiz Name

Welcome Message

The message that is displayed on the first screen of the quiz. If you disable the "Welcome" message display, viewers will not be able to see the Pre-test question list.

Allow Download to Question List

Your viewers will be able to download the quiz question list and possible answers before they start playing the media.


Includes basic instructions on how to complete the quiz.

  • Click Scores to set or modify the scoring options. Default values are displayed.

Upon Submission

Resulting Display for the End User

Do Not Show Scores

A "Thank You" message will display after submitting the quiz. No scores will be presented to the quiz-taker.

Show Scores

Your viewers will see the quiz score page after the quiz is submitted.

Include Answers

Your viewers will be able to see correct and incorrect answers, as well as the correct answer’s rationale if you chose to add it during the quiz creation (the “Why” shown below).

  • Click Experience to set or modify the experience options. Default values are displayed.

Upon Submission

Resulting Display for the End User

Allow answers change

Your viewers will be able to change an answer before submitting the entire quiz during review mode.

Allow Skip

Users will be presented with the “Skip for Now” button.

Allow Download to Question List

Your viewers will be able to download the quiz question list and possible answers before they start playing the media.

Do not allow skip

Users must submit an answer before proceeding forward.

Adding Questions and Answers to Your Quiz in Kaltura

This section describes how to add, edit and delete questions for the media quiz.  After you click the Start button or select to edit an existing quiz, the Quiz Creator screen is displayed on the player.

Use this screen to:

  • Select the question type.
  • Add or Delete Questions
  • Add or Delete Answers
  • Create Hints
  • Create Rational (Why)
  • Add Links (only to questions and reflection but not answers)
  • Shuffle the order of answers

Note: It is highly recommended that you place your final question close to the end of the video. After every question, the video continues from the point the video stopped before the question. Placing the final question near the end keeps the user engaged until the video topic is completed.

  1. Play the video or move the media’s real-time marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline.  Select a question type by clicking on one of the icons. The following question types are available:
    • Multiple Choice – Question with only one correct answer.
    • True/False
    • Reflection Point – Video pause with text
  2. Once you click the icon you’ll be prompted to enter the questions and answers depending on the question type. If you would like, you can add a web link for each question. 
    1. For the multiple choice you’ll want to shuffle the answers after entering the choices so the correct answer is not always the first answer. You can optionally click and hold on the menu to left of the choices and move the answers to where you want them.
    2. For Multiple Choice and True/False questions you can add a hint or give rationale for the correct answer.  Students will not see the rationale until they submit their answers.

Adding a Question and Answer Link in Kaltura

To add a question and answer link, 

  1. Hit Ctrl K (in MAC Command K).
  2. Change the link title next to the text to display on the question and change the URL to the desired URL site, e.g. [Google|]
  3. Click Save after entering each question and optional answers.  Add other questions of any type to the rest of the video.
  4. Click on the Eye icon at the bottom of the video to preview the quiz.
  5. Click Done when you’ve finished editing the quiz.