Students, faculty, and staff can give Collaborators permission to edit their media on Kaltura.

To do so, 

  1. Log in to Kaltura by selecting My Media in HuskyCT.
  2. Click on the video for which you would like to give collaboration permissions.
  3. Click on Actions.
  4. Select Edit. 
    Edit button
  5. Click on Collaboration. 
  6. Select Add Collaborator. 
  7. Type in the NetID that corresponds to the person you're giving access.
  8. Check off the permissions you wish to grant them.
    1. Co-editors have the permission to edit the metadata associated with your media. Co-editors have all the same metadata options as owners except the Collaboration tool. This also allows them to edit the media itself.
    2. Co-publishers have the permission to publish the media.
    3. Co-viewers can view media, even if you have not published it.
  9. To view and edit the content, the new collaborator should:

    1. Log in to the Kaltura MediaSpace.
    2. Navigate to My Media.
    3. Click on Filters.
    4. Under Ownership, click either Media I Can Edit or Media I Can Publish.