This article is intended for anyone creating or taking a Kaltura quiz in a HuskyCT course. It goes over some quiz creation tips and troubleshooting users can utilize to ensure more successful quiz videos.

Grade not transferring from Kaltura video to HuskyCT Gradebook

The biggest reason for a grade not transferring from a Kaltura Quiz video to HuskyCT's gradebook, is due to ad blocking addons installed on your browser. Addons such as UBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, etc., can cause the cookie used to transfer the grade between the two platforms, to not be passed through.

  • Disable your ad blocking addon before taking a Kaltura quiz to ensure that grading is passed through properly.

Tips for creating quiz videos

  • Allow Skip - Allowing users to skip between questions sometimes helps with playback.
  • Allow Seeking Forward - Allowing users to freely navigate the video helps with questions popping up. This is a less common issue overall, but occasionally a user will report a question is not popping up. Turning the "No seeking forward" option off, allowed them to view the question properly.

Reporting Issues

If you are still having issues with a quiz, please use this form to create a ticket with the help desk.