UConn faculty and staff can upload videos into Kaltura for use in HuskyCT or other websites.

To upload video files into Kaltura, 

  1. Log into HuskyCT and select My Kaltura Media from the Institution page or use Mediaspace

  2. Click on Add New.
  3. Select Media Upload.
    media upload
  4. Click on the Choose a file to upload button.
  5. Navigate to the file located on your computer, or drag the file onto the area. Once you select the file you wish to upload, it will start uploading to the Kaltura platform. You will have a progress bar showing the status of the upload. Depending on file size and connection speed, your upload time will vary.
    upload media drag and drop
  6. Enter a name for the video. You should name it something meaningful so it’s easier to find later.
    1. Enter any details you wish for the description and tags to help keep your videos organized.
    2. Click save. Once the upload is complete, the video will show in your My Media portal for Kaltura. You will then be able to embed, share, or even create a quiz with the video that can be shared within a HuskyCT course or organization or outside HuskyCT (i.e. department websites).