This article is for instructors who wish to learn how to link a HuskyCT course to an iClicker Cloud Course

  1. Login to iClicker as an Instructor and click/open on your course.  If you haven't created a course go to this page to create the course.
  2. Click on Settings (left column).
    iClicker Course Menu
  3. Click Integrations.
    iClicker Course Settings Menu
  4. Click "Connect to Blackboard".
    iClicker Course  Settings Menu
  5. Follow the prompts to login to HuskyCT and to retrieve a list of your courses.
  6. Select your course (be sure to select the correct term) and click Next.
  7. Click Sync Roster Now
  8. You may be prompted to email the students who don't have iClicker accounts.  You can do this now or later by clicking on People in your course.  The system will send them an email indicating you'll be using iClicker in your course and instructions on how to setup an account and pay for the product.
  9. After you've integrated it, you'll be prompted to select the Grade Sync Settings.  Most instructors select "Individual activity scores in separate columns" so students can see they received a score for each polling session.
    Connected iClicker Course to Blackboard and the settings for it.

Still need help?

For further information or assistance with HuskyCT, please contact the Educational Technology Office at or 860-486-5052.